In the world of interior design, the role of a designer is often misconstrued as merely picking out color and furniture. However, Marilou Stones of Stones Design has a different perspective that elevates the profession to an art form. “The main thing of the designer is not just to beautify spaces,” Marilou explains. “It’s about creating an environment that reflects the client’s personality, needs, and dreams.”

Marilou’s approach to interior design is holistic. She believes that good design is the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and personalization. “Design should not only look good, but it should also feel good and serve the purpose of the space,” she says. This philosophy is echoed in the many testimonials from satisfied clients. One client remarked, “Marilou didn’t just design our house, she curated our home. Every corner tells our story.”

Marilou’s work is characterized by her keen attention to detail and her ability to capture the essence of her clients. “Each project is a new canvas, a new story to tell,” she notes. It’s not just about following trends; it’s about creating timeless spaces that resonate with the people who live in them.

Clients have praised Marilou for her intuitive understanding of their needs. “She took the time to understand what we love and translated that into our living space,” a client said. Another mentioned, “Marilou’s designs are not just visually stunning but also incredibly functional.”

For Marilou, the greatest satisfaction comes from seeing her clients fall in love with their spaces. “The joy on my client’s face when they see the final result, that’s what I work for,” she shares. This passion and commitment to her craft have made Marilou Stones a respected name in interior design.

In conclusion, the main thing of the designer, as Marilou Stones beautifully puts it, is “to create spaces that are not just beautiful, but meaningful.”  Her ability to transform spaces into personalized sanctuaries are what sets her apart in the industry.